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social security and basic reasoning

It appears both republicans and democrats would like to kill social security for those people willing to pay into the system. There is a continual move towards privatization of retirement accounts, while offering minimal retirement plans to people that are near welfare status.

There is a systemic reason why both republicans and democrats are attempting to kill social security for the middle class and above. When older able bodied people choose to retire, the labor supply diminishes. With a diminishing labor supply, the cost of labor goes up.

I doubt it is coincidental that in an era which the age requirement for social security has risen, the labor supply has been relatively abundant as opposed to the era before the age requirement was raised.

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Simple tax fix

How about just restore social security tax and lift the cap to all income.  Everyone ends up paying their fair share.

Keep all the other goodies.

Taxes and what is really going..?

Republicans shift stance on taxing wealthy, by James Politi, FT


Buoyed by his re-election, the president has said he is willing to compromise on fiscal policy but wants higher taxes on the rich as a condition of any deal. John Boehner, Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, has said he is willing to put “revenues” on the table, though he has not offered much detail on where those additional funds would come from.


I may be reading the lines too aggressively, but it seems that the Blues and Reds are really united to raise taxes. So far I’ve gathered that the Republicans are willing to eliminate deductions if Payroll tax is put back into place. In elastance, tax revenue is probably not where the true negotiations are occurring. The real negotiations have to be occurring on the spending side.

Personally I would like to see a cap on net-deductions, not the elimination of any specific deductions that could be biased against certain regions or states.

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toll roads are here (the west and south)

Toll roads are popping up in the west and the south.  It is only a matter of time before all of our highways are tolled.  The need for additional state revenue and possibility of gas-less cars has created this demand.  Technology has also made the cost of installing tolling infrastructure cheaper.

Tolling in LA(LA TIMES)

The greater issue than the revenue from the tolls itself, is how it will shape modern traffic.  Tolls will systemically slow urban sprawl.  As a result, cities and states will save expenditures on the planning and constructing of new infrastructure.  Families will also save money from having to move due to economic blight associated with sprawl.

The economic effects of this will be quite large.