another month of stead job gain and what do they say..

Job gains have been steady for nearly two years.  Yet pundits such as Delong and Mish continue to trash talk.  They whine and complain that the job growth is not fast enough, and that most of the job gains are coming from lower wage earners.

While I have a certain amount of respect for the people I follow in the bloggosphere, they fall prey to the same problems mainstream writers have.  They continue to whine and complain about many healthy aspects of our economy.  Jobs are increasing, budgets are stablizing, and the nation is becoming self sufficient in energy.  Much of this is occuring in a nice slow steady pace.  A pace at which businesses, governments, and households can adjust in an efficent manner.

We should be celebrating stability, yet it seems as if the blogosphere and politicians don’t want it.

Inspect voter responses.  Jerry Brown and President Obama were not elected due to their party lines.  They were elected and re-elected for their relatively conservative political stances. (ie. non radical).

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