Energy Independence.

When the seasons change I tend to obtain higher mpg on my car and truck.  This has occurred for me the last ten years in Texas.  An assumption I have to make is that during the change in blends, the refiners phase out some of the ethanol they normally put.  In this latest seasonal change, oil has been inexpensive, and it is also possible that that gasoline on a per gallon basis is cheaper than ethanol here in south Texas.

This brought attention to another popular topic.  Energy independence.  I have usually thought the concept has been purely commercialized by our oil companies.  I have begun to question myself.  WIth a mix of ethonol, oil, gas, and solar our nation can be easily energy independent.  While previously, the context of energy independence had been ridiculous.  Yet as we begin to pull our troops and shut our foreign factories down, there may be a true master plan.

Are Republicans really considering pulling troops back and truly persuing an energy independence plan?  The republican party may be changing faster than we realize.  Then again, the days of cheap oil in Brazil, Russia, Mexico seem to be non-existant.  

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