immigration caps hurting the economy?

Very interesting article.

The key to this conversation was this quote.

“He said companies were moving jobs overseas in response to punitive caps that left them unable to hire key staff.”

I find that this could also be the case here in America.  Most Americans don’t realize how much of their income was off the back of immigrants.  Both H1B and illegal.  We have sold them homes, cashed their checks, and provided them with minimal government services.

By not accept immigrants, a nation is saying no to many jobs and industries.  Is this necessarily a bad thing?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  The greater problem is that we are probably not being rational / using proper justifications for tighter immigration policies.  Obviously, allowing “illegal” activity is not a solution either, then again, it worked quite well in the 80’s and 90’s.  One can even say that the immigrants did lead the boom.

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